Sunday, March 27, 2011

thankful for a team -- Faith Media

Now another ministry I thank God for...

One of my burden when I came in full time was the media ministry of FCC. We were quite good but we dont have something solid to sustain the ministry and the people. There were no such "platform" or proper setup to support the interest of people who are really into media at FCC. Yes, moreover we do have talented and creative people especially when we have folks from TheOne academy, LKW, etc. Those days, I admit those want to do video, they just do it or whenever we want to do so, we scratch our heads for resources.

I myself when I came in, there were so many ministry and work at hand -- well, you know being a newbie, everything also is thrown at me "in order to get use to full time work"..yes, that is what they say -- so it was hard for me to start something solid and I admit I devote most of energy towards worship ministry. At the same time, I still have the burden of it and start praying for people to come in.

Slowly slowly over the years, I see people rise up and willingly to step up to the occasional. Most of all, I believe it's God who called them and lead them in.

I thankful for people like Shu Jun, Sam Vun, many others who help a lot in this ministry. I also thank God for Zermi who has responded by doing it full time and glad that he is handling it well. Really praise God how He has raise someone to do it.

One thing I learn from it is that it is God's ministry. Never take matters into own hands but let God take control and He will raise people for His ministry. He did and believe there's purpose and plan for it.

So yes, glad Faith Media is on right track, up and moving. I will still give my guidance and insights but I hope to see more talented people involved in this ministry and this ministry will grow..

Media has such a big influence today in the world. Everywhere you go, you have media. Be it internet, TV, radio, etc. So I hope as Faith Media, we take this opportunity to spread positive influence around us.

Anyway, go to Faith Media's FB page and check out all the fun videos that were produced over the years in FCC. I can ensure you that you will enjoy every video in it.

So go go Faith Media...!!

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