Friday, August 20, 2010

I am a Rider..

Nothing much to say just that been busy lately.. too many things in my head and I wished I have more hands like Paul the Octopus to handle everything..

Many complains I have but it's all silent cries because part of me knows there's always sunshine after the rain and believe God knows what I am going through. In fact, no matter what storms, I always hold on to one promise that God spoke to me when I was just so young in serving Him... many years on, I still believe in His promises. You may say why I m so naive, but it's always by faith..

Ya, the word BY FAITH is always in my head.. and true enough, everything I do is always by faith, because faith without action is dead. I challenge myself to try to apply that in life, it's always a challenge as sometimes the mind has its own battles.

But through storms, sometimes I m positive that the ride will be exciting one.. if God is taking the wheel..