Friday, July 30, 2010


I can proudly say I have watch all the Power Rangers series. From season 1 to the last season they produced which was RPM.

The reason why I do so..
1) I studied broadcasting, and I m curious to see how some production people managed to put together something like this.
2) Childhood memories sake
3) Entertainment sake

Watching first season brings back memories when I was 10 years old. I remembered I have two friends who had like this race to see who has the most Power Rangers toys. They would have toys like Megazords, Rangers, etc. Gee, come think about, God knows what happen to the toys now.. I have a possible feeling that the toys arent alive.. hahaha..

Yes coming back to the series.. watching it is well, really feels retro. Corny lines, cheap effects, mediocre scripts, cut & paste job. Oh, for dummies out there, Power Rangers is adapted from Japanese's Super Sentai and their footage were always used for Power's their practice from the first season till the last one.
After watching all the seasons, at least the scripts are getting better and some improvements.

For first season, the only thing I most of the time look forward to is always the fight scenes and Megazord scenes. Seriously. I still like them..still find it cool to see Dragonzord coming out of the sea. Other than that, sometimes I feel like skipping the poor script-lines and storyline series.

Fast forward to the future, MMPR became such a phenomenal success worldwide that even adults still talk about it. I realized how many fan sites were set up for it and the expectations for it got little higher and higher. Heck, they have a Morphicon coming up..

Recently, Saban bought MMPR franchise back and somehow I interested to see how Saban gonna adopt the new Power Rangers. Rumours has that a movie will come out too and the series they are adapting is based on Shinkenger, which i followed last year.

My favourite season so far is In Space, Time Force, RPM. Actually these three has more adult-theme and serious theme compare to the rest of the season. I m curious to see how the next will turn out. I hope they make something that pleases old fans and new fans/kids.

To pay tribute to MMPR, my hp has the Power Rangers calling tone .. which goes like "ti-ti-ti-ti-ti".. kinda fun hearing it...

And this short article is just like a candy reading for MMPR fans.. anyway if you are one, feel free to chat to me about it.. there are secrets and stories about it are fun to discuss..

To make things interesting, found this Youtube file.. enjoy the morphin sequence of all Power Rangers..

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