Friday, July 2, 2010

eenie meenie

I was driving around town to fetch uncles and aunties to Senior Citizen group meeting. Funny, each time senior citizen meeting and I m assigned to fetch them, I use that time to pray and thank God about how He led me so far in ministry and work.

That brings me to one point. I know everyone have been bugging me about what's next for me. From parents to Bishop to pastors to friends. Truth to be told, actually it's hard for me to explain even in person to you. I myself is not well in explain some details and I scare you don't grasp my main message. hahaha. Apologize if I have left anyone blur and worried.

Actually I m sure what I want to do in future, but it's hard to explain all in details to people. But all I can say, it's about music. There's the direction, so I guess it's safe to say so you know where I m heading. Whether become worship pastor or music producer, rest assurance is about music, because it's what God called me to do, it's what God has put in my heart.

How we go from here, well, I say it's interesting. Least to say, I trust God will lead me. I believe over the past few years God has really moulded me. Break me, shape me, lead me. Yes. He has done it all.

Sharing this based on pondering of directions in life. Been pondering and praying hard for direction in ministry, life, next album, etc etc...and even this blog. hahaha. Safe to say, I pretty much know what I want to type in this blog plus other social network sites I have.

So in conclusion, I know what I want so just pray for me, that's all I need. How to get there, it's up to how God will lead me and open doors. I myself been praying hard. So ya, pray for me yea..I know I m repeating.. hahaha..

This morning as well, just heard my friend prank another friend via Gotcha call. I know these two friends are best of friends and to hear one friend pranking the other radio is.... well.. funny!! go to my Tumblr to hear the Gotcha conversation.

Pretty excited to go Kampar for concert.. o yea..

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