Monday, May 24, 2010

some of my FB statuses that didnt go on air..

- will appreciate mundane and boring days after been busy and packed for past 2 to 3 weeks.

- wishes that sometimes I can be there for some of my friends but circumstances does not allow. That saddens me a lot.

- amused to see friends call their friends via FB. They FB during their sleep???? Not just one person doing this - but ironically that time, I saw a handful of them doing so..

- feel for my friend who saw someone he likes taken by his close friend. Sad story..that's hard knock life..aih..

- amused by rumours I heard about me. Totally amusing to hear what lies they are making - so beautiful. Top joke!

- worked so hard but sometimes feel my work is not appreciated. Feel misunderstood. Oh well, that's what happen when you work for God...bed of roses is not part of the package...

After typing, I realized one of the statues above was mentioned on Twitter... hahahaha...

PS :- just came back from exploring Empire Shopping gallery. I enjoyed my exploration there, little didn't I know, out of syok-ness, bought some snacks and a Kamen Rider model. Indeed some stuff there are so rare and not really can be found else where..

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