Monday, January 11, 2010

jumping into January - pt 2

I realized I gain some a bit of following over here now, so if you are reading this...hi peeps :)

There are a lot of commotion around me recently but deep inside me, I just want to get on with life and just trust God. Whatever issue it is, I just want to trust Him.

Apart from that, I moving into a new place. Didnt I mentioned earlier? haha. But if all things goes well, hopely this week I can be at the new house. Love the new house, looking forward to stay in it. Yes, literally it's a house, although in the past I refer apartments,etc as house also. hahaha.
Someone reminded me it's like a dream come true. I would agree somehow somewhat. Yes I always want a bigger space for myself and for my work. It would be ideal if i totally owned the house. Nah, of course, it's impossible at my stage now but I should be grateful for this place, thank God for His blessings. Hopely, I can manage my life better in this new house. Hopely as well, I have time to fulfill some ambitions better, with some so-called better n bigger place.

Service was ok. Sunday was super long day for me. From, lead worship then lunch then prepare for BM worship, lead BM worship then rest awhile then practice for BM revival meeting this week and next BM worship service. Quick dinner then transfer some things to new house. Reach home..cant believe my day just went by. O well, the old saying never gets old - time flies.

Work been alright. Now I have 2 'youth worker' working under me for the time being. Reminds of my days in secondary school as prefect where at one stage I have 2 juniors. Feels cool..haha...coz you are training a new generation - something that is very important these days.

I find myself updating FB, Twitter, Tumblr more often than here. So ya, in case I m quiet know where to find me. Pardon me if there's emo posting. haha.


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