Friday, January 8, 2010

weight this

I realized recently everyone has been talking about issues..
Something more than tissues...
Weight issues..

It's always in conversation when meeting friends..
It's all over blogs and FB as well when I come across them...

I admit this all have affected me abit. Wondered if I have put on weight or not. At times I felt I do, perhaps in late 2008, I realized to take away stress, I ate a lot.
I trying my best to take care of my body, to be fair. Hoping to find time to do some sports, which I was glad I was able to on Wednesday.

I know being healthly is good but being obsessed with it is totally not good in my opinion. Sometimes you need to love what God has given you. Yes, we have responsibilty to take care of our bodies but to be constantly worry about it, well, isn't do you good. Remember this body is temporary, we grow old eventually.

Whether this is a sensitive issue to discuss here, I leave it to you to weight about it. If this offended anyone, my apologies.

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