Sunday, December 13, 2009

deyc 2009

Dec 7 till Dec 11th -

I was at the Sabah DEYC 2009.

Totally new experience this time .. was asked to sleep with the campers instead of like last year..haha..although i have my own room within the to explain here but never mind..

If someone ask if we achieve our mission & objective well, i would say we did it tremendously well. We did impacted the youths there and promote FCC well.

Worship time - totally something indescribable when it comes to encountering the true and living God. The way we all jam and lift our hands to Him - sometimes i m lost of words when God's presence comes and sweep the place.

In the past, i used to think how good it can be if i can be like Hillsong or planetshakers..but in this camp, I feel I was like them. I praise God how He has used me and the worship team - a totally new team that we havent played together before but we played as though we played together for some time. Amazing stuff when it comes to worshipping Him. In this camp, during worship, I begin to see God's plan coming into fruitation. What i experience is whatever I have seen in my and other people's vision. But it also remind me to stay faithful to God's plan.
Anyway, all in all, sometimes it's hard to find exact words to describe what all of us experience in worship..totally encounter with Him!

Ya, probably one thing that will stuck in my mind for this camp and probably this year is the great time of worship that we had.

Anyway, get to meet back some familiar faces and met newer faces. I enjoyed my time with them.

Thank God for all the memories and good times ya..looking forward to more opportunities like this..

Impact Generation!

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