Saturday, December 12, 2009

KK tour

Writing this after a week away in KK...

So may I present to you, the chronicles of our tour journey..

3rd December:-
3pm - Left home
445pm - Reach LCCT. Thanks Danny for the lift.
530pm - Was told our flight got delayed. Aiks.
630pm - Our plane finally arrived. yay! KK here we come!!
7pm - Leaving KL on the jetplane..
9pm - Hello KK!!

930pm - Check into our apartment at Wisma. Lovely.
1010pm - Dinner with the All Saints folks and Bishop + family. Massive crowd. Blessings from Bishop. Thanks Bishop!
1130pm - Back to Wisma. Time to washup and get some rest

4th December:-
Rise and bright..tot it was 8am..look at my 630am..haha..different zones man..
9am - after washup, short devotion.
920am - breakfast
10am - Good Samaritan van picked us - time for soundcheck at Good Sam

1030am - Start soundcheck
1230pm - Leave for lunch
1pm - Noodles for lunch
2pm - ABC time!! Nice remedy to hot weather..
320pm - back to weather at KK!
5pm - washup..
530pm - Good Samaritan van picked us again - time to get ready for the concert!
6pm - light refreshments
630pm - last round of soundcheck
8pm - Good Samaritan Youth fellowship meeting start! Started with icebreaker and their youth band led worship.

830pm - time for TL to be on stage
10pm - birthday celebration for the youths..makan time!
1030pm - according to host, this is REAL dinner time - wotieks!!!!
11pm - Back at apartment to chill..

5th Dec -
9am - after washup, it's breakfast
10am - Time for soundcheck at ASC Grace Hall
12pm - Leave for Damai again
130pm - Was told to try some pearl drinks nearby
2pm - Hangout abit at town..
320pm - back to rest..
5pm - washup..
530pm - last round of soundcheck
7pm - Prayer meeting with ASC leaders
730pm - the event start! Started with a fun icebreaker and their youth band led worship.

8pm - time for TL to be on stage - had a good time of singing and sharing
930pm - album signing/autograph
1030pm - Dinner time - quite bad because the restaurant we went had a terrible service -.-
11pm - Back at apartment to sleep..

6th Dec -
9am - wakeup for service
10am - service at All Saints Cathedral
12pm - lunchtime at this cafe called Mod Cafe
130pm - some of us were adventurous to walk around KK town
4pm - back to rest our tired feet..
530pm - on van to send JJ and Jackson to airport..but we dropby at Tanjung Aru to enjoy.
7pm - drop JJ and Jackson at airport..thanks for the contributions bros..
8pm - suppose to try some squarish pizza but the plan didnt work out. In the end, tried Little Italian. Nice Italian food!
10pm - Back at apartment to chill

7th Dec - 10th Dec
In Sabah Diocese Youth camp. Led worship in few sessions and all I can say that it was totally an awesome experience..had great fun with 335 Sabah youths.

11th Dec
10am till 4pm - Since some of us were free..we hangout at 1Borneo. Walk movie..etc.
415pm - Say our last goodbyes to All Saints
440pm - At airport to check-in
6pm - Bye KK...thanks for the memorable times.. :)
830pm - Back at KL

Really thank God for His guidance and secondly, thanks to the churches and their crew who provided a superb hospitality. Had a great time sharing and singing..also hanging out with lotsa nice and great people.

Indeed this trip has been memorable and looking forward to return to KK for more tour opportunities in future. Hard to say when but i can it's never say never.

Again, thanks all! :)

Much love.

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