Tuesday, December 15, 2009

all I want this Christmas is....

It's easy to ask people what they want for Christmas..
But if I asked myself, seems quite a tough question..
Because I myself have a long list of things that I want for Christmas..some of it wonder if anyone can get it for me or wonder if I myself can get it anot..

Christmas is coming soon..hope to grasp that feeling of it..

And looking forward as well as new year comes..as 2010 comes..

Just looking for better days ahead of me.. I not saying 2009 have been bad..it has its fair share of good and bad but part of me would love to see better things for me next year..am optimistic about it.

10 days to Christmas..

1 comment:

Li Ann said...

Hardwork will pay off that's for sure. Good luck!

Merry Christmas~