Monday, August 4, 2008

Passion-ate concert..

Aug 3rd..

Me and my peeps worship God alongside Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall and preacher Louie Giglio at the Passion concert in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

For the night stories and this straight from the Passion team.

While here is my story n explanation on my journey to watch Passion...

I got the news about them like many months ago. And when i check online on details to get the tickets, i duno why they only take in online credit card payment.

Thank God for Yvonne Loke, who actually help me alot on purchasing the ticket. Ya, she really lighten my burden on this matter as many things goin on in church. We bought like lotsa tickets, one batch for the FCC people and one more batch for my Ipoh folks from St Peters'.

I know some people ask why i never announce it or promote it in church. I only did it internally. Because i have asked pastor's permission about it and i must reason him why should i encourage people to go for it. At the same time, you must understand that the Chinese Deep&Strong is still going on and i cannot kacau a church event that's going on. After cleafication, i and Pastor argeed that i just promote it mainly within the worship team.

Ok, on that day...I told Kelvin Lee(from StPeters') to meet me at 430pm actually. He said he want abit early at 4pm. So fine, i told my FCC gang to go at 4pm to makan first. Turnout those Ipoh fellas left at 2.45pm instead. Quick change of plans sees me in Pyramid instead of waiting at church coz i can help to sent the FCC gang in the hall first then wait for my Ipoh gang later. They eventually came on the dot at 6pm. I spent the whole nite hanging out with them, which that time was good for me coz it's not everytime that i get to go back to Ipoh. Somehow, i felt glad to see all of them too, like since May.

I be honest that my patience level is on high level. Maybe i m tired and all. But once i got into the hall, seeing how my friends from FCC and SPC really enjoy it, i felt at peace. Felt it was worth it. I enjoyed the concert alot. It's not every year we get to have Passion or Chris Tomlin on local soil but it was quite a great experience. Overall, I m glad to be there to be minstered by God.

My Ipoh gang..haha..we bump into Louie Giglio before he went in front to get ready to preach. He was smiling and waving at us. lol.

They expecting 4000 people. At first, i was skeptical about it coz i wonder if SPCC can hold that much people, turn out, the arrangement everything is good. Credit to the organizers.

Honestly past few days has been long days for me. But i thank God for everything..

overall, the concert at the Passion concert was great..

**darn these days the internet is getting sucky. +_+ I m starting to get irrirated by it..


R.S. said...

dude, its batch...not badge:D

awesome time god had for us there, hallelujah!

TL said...

connection noted.
praise God. I hope it inspire u guys to shine on for God and strive hard to make Him known.