Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the journey in the ministry

On Friday, I was sitting down at one of the PC in the church and browsing and scanning thru all the songs we are in the database. It's kinda crazy to look thru a big long list of songs that is inside the folder. Both old songs, hymns and new songs.

Eversince i m fulltime in this ministry, i learned alot from my boss about worship songs, technical expect and also the spiritual expect. As i was scanning thru the songlist, i realize how much songs we have in the database. Some were as old when i was like 7 years old, i remember when i was young, i would stand next to my parents during worship time .

Thinking about that memories spark me to search my heart and look back how God has lead me in the area of worship ministry. To search my first love in this ministry. I sat there and begin to reflect back my journey in the worship ministry so far..

I must admit even at a very young age, I was inspired by my dad and other uncles in my hometown church to serve God in the area of worship. I even remembered when i was at Sunday School, probably 9 or 10 years old, the teachers already push me into the limelight of being vocalist in Sunday School. I admit that time i was a shy small boy and didnt want such 'responsibilty' to come to me and i thought that time, just because i m the son of Michael Lim(i mean my dad, not the OTHER Michael Lim,haha), they thought i should 'inherit' something from him. *swt* Come to think about it, credit goes to the SundaySchool teachers for helping to shape kids to grow in God's favour. Indeed, it's understandable that Children's ministry is such an important ministry to any church.

To try to cut my long story short, I picked up guitar at the age of 12 but gaveup one year later then renew my love with it on the following year. God knows why i did so. haha. I remember trying to search for the so-called 'right' area to serve God. I was did sound system before, trained in doing sketches as well and then worship team as well. I duno how God led me in this ministry. I played bass(because they were short of bassist +_+) and been a vocalist for my church worship team then in youth fellowship, at the age of 15, i been pushed to lead worship. Again, like my kiddie days, i was shy and wasnt really keen on it. But the leader that time, a certain Mr Cheah SY, believed in me, push me to take up the challenge. I guess out of simple heart desire of worshipping God, i gave a try.

There were ups and downs in the ministry i must admit. I admit when i was form 4, i always at odds with my worship co-ordinator, like a rebel to that person, always quarrel with that person with whatever decisions that person made. Ya, to a point where we actually raised our voice at each other. Man, am i a terrible guy. Eventually, i searched my heart, and during the whole year of form 5, i took time away from totally serving God and focus on rebuilding my studies and my walk with God. When i lookback at it, i didnt regret making that decision.

After SPM, i made a comeback but bit by bit. From there on, it's really all God-led journey. I slowly to discover that this ministry is my calling. I remember during altar calls, when i m up there crying out for God to use me, God just reminded me one thing, there is a reason that God named me Timothy.

One thing lead to another and to cut the long story short, now i ended up in FCC, the church currently i m serving.

Some people asked me why i entered fulltime, my main reason is because i want devote my calling and my gifts in the area of music and worship. It's been be my calling, my love, my purpose from God.

Yes, there were some highlights during my time in this ministry. Ups and downs and all.

I do believe it was God's hand that lead me where i m today. From the time i started when i was young till today. What kept me long was His promise, His blessing. If you ask me about the future rite now, though i can see glimpse of it, i still think is all down to God's will in my life and how He will continue to lead me on.

I duno how i gonna run this ministry but I do my utter best that i can to serve God in this capacity. I believe i m still learning in this ministry. I still believe i got alot to learn. I dont think there's any perfect ministry in the church. As for myself, I dont think i been doing things perfectly but at the same time, I know i have given my best to Him.

I just sharing this out of life testimony purposes. My intention of writing this is not to glorify myself or any party that is associated with me but i hope it inspire someone out there to serve God whole heartedly and just believe God can use you mightly for His ministry.

Lord, I thank You for the gifts You have given me. I pray You continue to use me according to Your will. Life is been tough but thinking of You makes me carry on. Thank You for the encouragement as well thru out the times in this ministry. Ups or downs, Lord, be my tower of strength where i can run to.

PSALMS 139:14 - I praise You because I'm fearfully and wonderfully made..Your works are wonderful..I know that full well..

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