Monday, June 19, 2017

#TL2017moviewatch : Despicable Me 3

Well, Universal/Illumination studios just wanna milk more money from this franchise, isn't it?

I mean how can you not love the naive and crazy yet adorable Minions? Perhaps this can go till Despicable Me 20 or Minions 22.

Whatever the future holds, well, back to DM3...

It was as entertaining as its previous predecessors. Minions were much fun and entertaining than their own solo movie last year.

I didn't like the ending actually. It narrows back to first few paragraphs I wrote. It annoys me somehow. I guess that somehow affects the story flow in 2nd half of the movie where you feel somehow it builds towards anti-climax-like ending.

Nevertheless, one of the better cartoon movies in the cinema lately but again, the thoughts of how long this franchise is going tires me.

RATING : 7/10

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