Sunday, June 25, 2017

pastoring on

Thanks FB, once again, for your "on this day" function that reminded me a year ago, I was officially licensed as a pastor.

Tbh, the journey haven't been easy. There were challenging times where sometimes I wondered what have I got myself into. Sometimes I disagree with a lot of things that were done, sometimes I asked why I am put in such situations as well.
However, there were grateful times as well where I know God is with me and thankful for a lot of wonderful people that I am surrounded by.
Recently, I am blessed to hear some people shared with me that they are always praying for me. I am really humbled by those encouragement and that ensured me that I am not alone.

Tbh, I am still learning and I told myself, whatever the future holds, as long as God allow me to carry on, I will give my best.

Cheers and let's make life worth while.

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