Thursday, June 8, 2017


It was a blessing to spend past few days at #deyc2017ccl.

Crazy yet powerful time of worship, plus the opportunity to share life with youths.

After "resting" two years, I am back attending DEYC2017.

The journey begins with some chilling around KK.

Some shots of the camp...

Avengers assemble!!! Seriously, our group name is Avengers. That's what happen when you give someone like me the freedom to name my group. Hahaha.

Anyway, had a wonderful privilege to lead and supervise these young people during this camp. May God bless you all to be a shining beacon in wherever you are

Also, privileged to work with these folks in worship team. Worked and rocked hard. Hahaha.

Overall, it looks and feel simple camp but it feels very meaningful for the campers. Things can get better though. May you all continue to shine for Him in years to come.

Thank you for the memories, DEYC2017.

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