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While it may not hit the heights of the first but certainly one of very entertaining MCU entry and one of the fun movie of 2017‬.

Well.. why vol 1 was good is that their story was able how these a-holes (sorry, I was just borrowing their tagline) come together, to protect what turned out to be one of the Infinity stones, which raise the stakes higher. Coupled in with some serious villain like Ronan and Thanos (looming at the background), vol 1 was one of MCU's best.

So come to vol 2. Wouldn't make it as my top 5 MCU movie but like I said earlier, if there's rating for its entertaining side, this movie would be among the top. The jokes and the randomness they pulled off is really spot-on at times, especially Drax. Anyway, Vol 2 is more like explaining what GoTG have been up to for the past few years (while everything that's happening on Earth such as Civil War and Dr Strange).

First half of the movie was all fun fun (again all thanks to the randomness of the GoTG), but it was only the second half that the real plot came into play. It may comes like draggy and too late for you to connect which I guess it's down to a lot of subplots to cover but I guess the first half side which showcase the comical side of the universe masked away that shortcomings. Villain honestly didn't came in strong and bad@$$ as Ronan but overall, the conflicts this movie have centered on family. Yea.. sounds so F&F right...

Lots of Marvel fan service stuff (subtle and obvious) which is fun too. Especially that Stan Lee cameo, which actually based on a fan theory and was happy they took it, made it into reality.

There's Ego too. Kinda interesting for me to see how they pull off this character since I am familiar with it in the comics/cartoons. 

And yea, there's 5 post-credit scenes. One of it could play an important part in vol 3.

Eventually it just open up the possibilities of more MCU galactic adventure.

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Enjoyed it all in all, probably something that I needed.

Interesting note that before the movie started, Disney attached a preview for a certain movie.That should give you reasons to go in early (or on time)

RATING : 8/10

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