Saturday, March 25, 2017

#TL2017moviewatch : Power Rangers movie

Power Rangers movie gets the thumbs up from me. 
Enjoyed it, and love the "easter egg" nods in the movie. Yea, perhaps fans like me would actually catch those clever nods that were inserted in it. 
Honestly, I find it clever how they able to incorporate some elements from the tv series into more serious tone. And the cameo nearly got my inner child screaming.

Just few cons like I wished there's more action scenes but I can forgive them for trying their best to establish the story.

Megazord can be better? na... not getting into that debate.

Don't say I didn't warn you.. there's mid-credit scenes...

And yea, please spare my other friends from spoilers or else I will send Rita Repulsa after you. Kidding. If you like to know more about those easter eggs and questions about the movie after you have watched it, you are welcome to PM me.. or maybe we can have discussion with coffee and Kripsy Kreme.

Or I will probably write another entry that focus on those nods in future once the weeks goes? Let's see.

I wouldn't want to compare this with the first "movie" (yea, the one with Ivan Ooze as the villian) but hopefully this version (and sequels to come) won't go for a downfall like Transformers movie.

Good enough for fans and unknowns.

Ranting : 8/10

PS : I like that they actually acknowledged "Super Sentai" for the whole franchise (in the rolling credits). Nice.

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