Monday, December 5, 2016

5th Dec

Last night I took my wife out and spoilt her to bits because of love.

Seeing her happy face means the world to me. Sometimes, I asked myself what I can do to keep that face forever?

That thought probably got my Monday a bit emotional. There are days where I feel I deserve better in life where I wished I am in better working environment or situation. I won't go further about it, sometimes some people can't face the truth. Or sometimes I asked myself what if I have done other things? Then that led me to so many thoughts.

It all come down to a thought I realized why sometimes decision is so hard to make because we need to ask a question of who do we do it for... or who do we live our life for... ourselves or God (thus, the bigger picture of life)?

I preached over the weekend and one point I made is quite similar to that.. are we selfish and selfless? The world often hype up the feeling of self-achievements and sometimes we miss that bigger picture of life. Worse, God is left at some corner of our brains.

I guess I need God to show me what is it for in the future. There are thoughts, there are doubts. But my heart is certain that as long God leads, there I will go.

Not easy but we'll get there somewhere.

I know I have so many thoughts inside me but sometimes it's hard to get it out. That sometimes contribute to my emo-ness.

Worse, Mourinho made the worse substitution last night in the EPL match. Totally spoiled my mood. Looks like a good cup run is all we can look forward to.

Christmas coming... let's see....

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