Sunday, December 18, 2016

1 week to Christmas

Today was rather interesting. The office got a news on Friday night that they may be a powercut on Sunday, so we prepared as much as we can (mentally and physically) for it. Turns out there wasn't any disruption throughout the whole day. Sort of relief.

Well, leading up to Christmas and 2017, there's a lot of preparation needed, which means, every now and then, some people get panic. A lot of thoughts going on in my mind as well.

There's one sermon from Canon KheeVun that always sticks in my mind about Christmas/Advent. It's not merry.. but it's messy Christmas because 2000 years ago, the world is a mess before Jesus was born.

The world today is still a mess. We are too. That's why we need Him. Peace has come so let it come to our hearts, let that hope illuminate our path. 
"Peace is not merely the absence of external trouble - it is the "presence of a Saviour" who cares about the human condition" -- Brian Houston

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