Thursday, September 22, 2016

snoozing through september?

I realized apart from my gigs update, I haven't have other thoughts update.


To be honest, I have been busy moaning and complaining how hard life is whether is preparing for wedding, ministry/work-related or thinking about my gigs. Or busy trying to settle ad-hoc calls. Or busy responding to needs of peeps or my dear. Like the superhero I wanted to be.

Often, I let those thoughts dwell in my mind.. get emotional about it then having double-minds to go full on rage on social media/blog.. then totally forgot about it because I decide to let it slide before I go to sleep. Or drown myself with games and tv series to take my mind off the stress.

So yea. Pretty much the story these days.

But let me say this la, recently someone asked if anything they can help especially in my preparation for wedding. Let me quote that famous Winston Churchill words -- "don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country."

That being said.. don't ask me what I want you to do. To be honest, there's 10000 things on my list I would want people to do. And again, let's be honest, not everything you can do or want to do. So the best you can offer is... you offer what you can do for me. There's the best to me (and my fiancee). So far, I am grateful that there's people who willing to help to do our dessert bars and groundwork during wedding. Save my stress level a little.

Sometimes I wish I have more time to sleep. More time to work and more time to relax. Basically, I want to manipulate time. Man, I want to be like those Marvel superheroes...

But then, we are not gods for reasons....

Now, back to reality....

wake me up when September ends

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