Monday, September 26, 2016

professional worshippers

Before I sleep, I just really need to get this off my chest and why I decide to write it here is because I find it hard to expressed it and explained it in person. I am not sure what is that barrier.. maybe different people have different wavelengths, minds.. or difference of language or culture, or sometimes people tend to be defensive..

Recently I read an article that resonates with me that people these days are "professional critics".. even there is a term called "professional worshippers"

I do find over the years, I find it disturbing that some conversations or meetings I am in are about pointing out other people's shortcomings when it comes to serving. Speaking as a pastor, deep in my heart I am disappointed when meetings are often dwell on this matter. I sat through many proper meetings over the years, no matter where I am.. often this happen. Honestly, at some point I hate these type of meetings because we are busy pointing out mistakes/past/shortcomings when we should be using those times to plan and look ahead. Long hours of meeting doesn't mean you are effective yo...

So I find it really hypocritical when we talk about love and don't judge people but yet we point out other people's way of worship. I don't know why it's a problem to some people when different people have difference ways of expressing themselves in worship. Or a problem when people make a slight mistake. People are people yo... not programmed robots.

Sorry, how can you ask me to talk to someone about heart of worship when actually you should ask yourself about that question. I do question your heart if you busy looking for mistakes instead of focusing on God.  

At some point also, I feel stressed going to worship service. I told myself this should not be the way, we should go in with a mind focused on God, not hoping nothing screws up. Trust me, I've been there.. it's draining and not good all to say.

Man, how can we learn to trust in God's leading when we too attached to our details?
It came to a point I am tired of hearing of these comments and sometimes it saddens me because as a pastor, all I care is that people are experiencing God and their lives changed in a personal way. Yet we are asking why not many people coming to church... or why people are not serving... erm.. you piece them together and you tell me...

Professional worshippers... are we?? Sounds like it.

How about the verse John 4:23 that says God is looking for true worshipers? What does that mean?

HEY, I am not saying we need to be cincai and don't care. Yes, there's need to be order and correction. But we are talking and preaching about love, I think there's better ways to do it. Speak kindly? Speak without pointing fingers? Less judging, more love? Encourage instead of criticizing?
Often, I just take the comments. Just smile and keep quiet. I don't want to bring out points to compare and debate at times even though often there's enough to measure back but sometimes I choose not to because some people just doesn't want to listen and convinced they are always right. I am not gonna waste energy on people like this who refuse to learn or even open up to hear. Up to you la, often I will say. I am more focus on other things that deserve my energy.

If I get myself into trouble, I just want to say that I am not afraid to stand up for people who has the right attitude in worship and serving which is unseen. You can say what you want about them. Let God decides who is right. 

And I say this with conviction because I feel it's like a cancer cell in the church body. This whole "professionalism" attitude.

Scriptures said in Matthew 7:2 -- "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you"

I don't know about you, it's scary to think this verse critically. Often, I just be quiet because I know someday somehow I will make the same mistake. Hey, we are humans okay...

Through our imperfection, only God's glory can be shown.

Alright. I will stop here. 

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