Thursday, August 11, 2016

Go and more

Well, one of the biggest news over the weekend was the release of Pokemon Go in Malaysia... and obviously.. all eternity break lose...

Everywhere I go, I see people walking and looking at the hp. These days, chances of seeing someone doing so is playing Pokemon Go.

To be honest, I installed the app and have a go at the game. Again, to be honest, if I am going to take it seriously, I will lose focus on my life. It is that intense and can be addictive.

I am still considering to uninstall but time being, I will just ignore it in my hp.

Meanwhile, so many people debating how influential it is and there are some religious ranting going on whether it affects people.

Again, to be honest, anything that is addictive warrants negative impact on the person. It can gaming, a bad habit like smoking, drinking, etc. To just pinpoint the game is just missing our the bigger picture.

Trends come and go. Let's see how far this goes.


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