Tuesday, May 3, 2016

it's gonna be MAY

What a weekend.

Here and there and lots of things to do. Even when May haven't come, I started to be overwhelmed by plans for MAY.

How time flies.

Anyway, yea, what a weekend.. the biggest news is the wedding of Victor and Caroline. Beautiful and funny at the same time. It feels it's like out of a comedy sitcom.. say like Friends or HIMYM or Big Bang theory. Maybe it's just me who thinks that because me and Victor digs these shows.. hahaha..

Busy as I was but glad to have fun. Spend time with fiancee and her family over the weekend as well with meals. Good food and good fellowship to say.

Monday night had leaders' meeting which I was very much encouraged by their presence and testimonies I hear.

Then yamcha with Darren. Yup.

What a weekend.

There's more to come even though I start to feel the weather. sniff.

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