Thursday, February 4, 2016

#TLmeets pt 3

In the week of planetshakers conference, so many bump-ins and meet-ups..

Unexpectedly bump into this girl Amanda Soon just now. It's been sometime i last met her, glad to see that she is doing well. I will always remember the first time i saw her when she followed her brothers to youth fellowship. Little as she is, but has a big heart for God. Incredible to think how God has been so real to her. Anyway, she is here as one of the ushers at #psawakening .. Proud of her.. Keep shaking the planet for God!

Also meet this guy, Aaron Chen (another St. Peter's church youth alumni) during #psawakening. He is still faithfully serving God, no matter where he is. Keep up the passion for Him, proud of ya!

Ps : saw his bro Nelson Chen too but he is so busy ushering during the concert. Oops. Just had to quickly say hi to him

Guess who I bump into meanwhile? the worship leader of planetshakers Joth Hunt.

Recently met with these sound maestros Ming Foo and Danny Kinchang. They are responsible for amazing audio experience in many Malaysian churches (including #psawakening). I always enjoy hanging out with them and learning from them. Looking forward to our partnership in the kingdom of God!

Spend some time with these siblings as well, Gordon and Grace.

Managed to spent some time with one of my favourite singer and buddy Neil over our kind of meal, BURGERS! I always enjoy our chats about life, ministry and music. Looking forward to more meet-ups and songwriting too!

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