Monday, February 29, 2016

feb makan

It's the CNY season, so don't be surprise to see this a lot on social media...

There were many CNY food i have eaten. Yea, eat until scare. But this. Gets my attention. It's like sweet sour fish in orange.

And this massive homemade "lou sang" at Ipoh...

Ss15 lin chee kang. Recently got to have it again after so long didn't do so. Yes, the aunty is still around and sound monotonous.

The mashed potato was not bad. Had this at their Sunway branch.

Hungry Hog. New venue, not far from their old premise. I miss burger time here..and the mash too. Sadly no "porksperity" burger this season. Sigh.

The week when my fiancee was around, we went a bit of food hunt too....

Mac and cheese burger patty at S.Wine. At first they told me they wanna change the burger bun to this type of bread, which I was very happy. In fact, he goes well with the patty. Yummy!

We miss this cake and we are so glad to have it.

 Oyster mee. I miss having this.

 and papa john's as well.

Rocku with fiancee and her brothers. Nice although we really ordered a lot that night.

Another food that I miss having when I was at KK. The quality dropped though. 

 Apparently there's a new steamboat place near my office. Above the rock cafe. not bad but my first experience there wasn't memorable.

I read a lot of reviews about WhupWhup so I went there recently with my cell group. Owned by Liang, a local artist, I love the cafe environment a lot. 

To think it was once a factory lot and turned into a nice cafe. Food not bad though.

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