Thursday, January 21, 2016

lunchtime thoughts pt 1

Sometimes the hardest question in life is figuring what to have for lunch. It's either where you are have too much of choices, lack of good choices, budget factor or fear of dissatisfaction.

That's why sometimes I prefer to just prepare myself some lunch munch stuff. Like fruits etc. 

That reminds me last night's Williams try went terrible. Murni wins the battle of cheese naan between the "sibling rivalry".

I tried to spend some time at home. I love my home, only missing piece of the so-called perfect retreat is internet. Supposedly it's matter of discussion for the church committee since where I staying is church compound, so it's long story to tell on why there's no internet at home. Not to say I can't live without internet but if there's urgent search and for convenient sake, I think internet would be useful. I can't rely on my data all the time.

So yea. I find myself doing "ot" at office. That's unlike me, because I wanna get things done on internet.

Anyway, talk about my home. Recently I had some help to get the kitchen cleanup and I have done a bit of cooking at home. Happy with what I have done, so I think I can explore more.

Besides working at FCC, I have been helping FAA in mentoring, teaching guitar and youth meeting. It's been fun actually although it takes a bit of my time and energy away. Investing in young people's lives at the end of the day is worth it, even though you don't see the fruits immediately.

And recently, worship atmosphere I guess it's getting better. Keeping up the good work for God. yea.

On my dayoff, apart from going all the way to Setapak at night to hangout with some KK kids, I spend most of the time sleeping. Part of me thinking it's wasting time but the other part of me thinks that it's alright, I deserve some good rest.

A few questions and issues of life in my brain that bordering me sometimes. How God. How.

Lunchtime's over. Back to work. Cheers.

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