Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gaya Street 2015

I was caroling with the youths at Gaya Street last night. Even though it was raining at the beginning which affected our caroling a bit, we still had fun.

One thing I always enjoy about Gaya Christmas that every Malaysian gets to hangout together, regardless of race and religion. That's what a harmonious country should be all about. I hope other states can follow this suit while the East Malaysians keeping up this wonderful tradition.

It was fun and tiring at the same time to explore stalls and see what is offered. I guess the rain contributed to some mess here and there in the stalls. Meanwhile, I was disappointed with the organizers for cutting the All Saints' Music Academy performance halfway, just because the VIPs were here. Ok fine, halting the performance to welcome the VIPs is fine but not giving them the chance again to continue the performance was really bad organizing in my opinion. There are some aspects the organizing could have done better.. which it's not good I mentioned here.

Nevertheless, I do hope Gaya Christmas will keep going on every year and get better each year.

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