Thursday, December 17, 2015

Force Awakens


A few of my peeps were among the many millions Malaysians that try to catch Star Wars on its first show, which is midnight the moment the clock struck twelve.

There were a few cosplay folks around but I reckon KL would have more. Some even came in normal casual clothes but with lightsaber. Guys, what's with that la.. lid it up in the dark cinema? hahaha

I was worse perhaps. All thanks to Darren. When I met him, he gave me a present which turns out to be the funko pop BB-8 and I didn't bring any bag. No, it can't fit into my gf's handbag.. thus, I have to carry it around.

Ok, to the movie. Perhaps I will review it in a few "entences to sums up the movie and keep it spoiler-free (or else, i would get force-choke)




movie of the year (for me).

JJ Abrams can keep his name as it is, instead of Jar Jar.

Looking forward to episode 8 in 2017. My ranting would be 9/10.

Someone asked me what would make it 10. No.. i can't answer this unless you have watched it.

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