Friday, November 27, 2015


oh hey... i am back...

the lengthy silence always means that I am busy and coupled with some laziness to update my blog.

There were ups and downs but I think I will just keep those to myself. I am learning not to be crybaby online, because sometimes I realized people have seen enough of these kinds thanks to social media.

But among the main thing that happened was past few weeks, I have completed my final semester studying at ATi. The plan is I wanna take a break before continuing to Bachelor level. Past 2 years of studies have been grueling enough. It's good to step back and just think about life a little bit more.

Which brings me to next year, I will be moving. I will get into details later on.

So that's the story for past 2 months, in a nutshell.

Christmas is coming. So is Star Wars episode 7 too. I am not sure which I am more excited about.

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