Thursday, October 29, 2015

October's makan-makan

Well.. October, not much of a new place I have visited, mostly back to the usual favourite shops or trying back some stuff...

 Breadboss' stuff... banana waffle and big breakfast. Nothing much to shout about
Biru-biru's spagetti.. had this before my gig there.

 Sushi zanmai. I was craving for it recently so yea... here I am...

Pork burger at everrise's non-halal section in imago. The meat patty is delicious but unfortunately the bun and the sauce they chose didn't blend well with it. What a waste.

I was happy that Nandos open its 3rd branch at Imago and this branch is my favourite in KK. Probably i will come here more often than the other two KK branches. The place is super spacious and the design is very much like some branch at KL. the shop though is located outside part of imago, which is next to starbucks area. Tried their new wrap, not bad. I have more options now than chicken now. Their manager was super friendly until he gave me a few nandos coupon. All in all, enjoyed my dinner there just now. Well done Nandos, keep up the good standard!  
It was just so-so at chubs grill.

I guess this place, Janggut, is only famous for its tomyam.. which was good though.

I thought I wanted to try something different at B-Side. Ok, their soft-shell crab still wins, not this though.

Perks of knowing the boss of cafe, moreover having him as cell group member. He picked some stuff from the menu of Adelphi to let us try. Yums.

Sometimes, a good chapati is all we need.

It may not be food but yea.. the current craze in town. Nano size McD. Not edible, mind you. hahaha.

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