Saturday, September 12, 2015

102 to Christmas?

I recently updated my Windows from 8 to 10... and I am loving it so far. At first, I was a bit hesitant about it, fearing that it will troublesome but thankfully all went smooth...

Life updates meanwhile.. a few little ones with blessings along the way. There was a major one just dropped this morning but I won't want to say much yet till the right time comes and the official word is out.

Let's focus on the little ones. Besides new laptop that i got few weeks ago, there's new haircut for me. then new shoes (because my old sports shoes was torn in Telupid and one of my casual shoes worn out too fast) and some new jeans (i think some of my jeans are too baggy)

Thankfully I able to enjoy those newbies despite the talks of bad economy. I got them at a very cheap price and they are at good quality. A bit taken aback by the sales though but I guess it's God's sign for me to get rid of some worn out clothes. hahaha.

All in all, the little blessings helped to keep me sane and be reminded that God made each day special. Once awhile, I admit I do complain about how life is boring till sometimes it demotivate me but I admit these "little blessings" are crucial to remind himself that God never let me down.

well.. that post title, thanks to Rev Victor who started counting down towards Christmas... and I don't know what title to use for this update so... yea...

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