Sunday, July 5, 2015

#TLtravels - Labuan

Next travelling spot : Labuan

Haven't been there before even though a lot of friends have told me so much about it and ask me to go. Finally, got the chance to go there, all thanks to Theodore Kong's wedding.

Thank God I recovered from a bad headache before I flew on Friday. Was a bit worried I wasn't in top condition to go Labuan especially whole Thursday I was resting on bed to get rid of headache. So ya, glad I went Labuan like normal...

Took a flight instead during lunchtime because I waited for my gf to finish her work. It's 30mins flight for those who do not know. Unless you want a bit of adventure, you can take a ferry which is longer a bit, appox 2 to 3 hours.

First time flew using MASwings.

Upon reached Labuan, was picked by a friend and head straight to church to attend the worship practice for the wedding.

After the practice, went for yamcha with Bishop John and the rest of the FCC alumni.

Next agenda, chocs and liquor hunting around town. Labuan is a place of the duty-free, well, quite spoilt of choice sometimes. All in all, my view of chocs and liquor never be the same after this trip.

Friday dinner was with Theo's family and Jen's family plus friends. Was a bit surprise it was held in a Chinese restaurant, so it feels like a big family dinner before the real wedding banquet.

Mike, Ah Seng and Des brought some snacks and liquor for late night drinks at our apartment. Enjoyed the cheap beers. oh life.

But the place we were put up to stay was terribly run. Really rundown place. Whoever design or built that place did a terrible work to it. The doors can't even lock in properly. Dusty as well. Anyway, I didn't want to say much since it's just a weekend although I know another group of Theodore's friends decided to move away.

Moving on to the BIG day itself. All in all, beautiful. Couldn't be any happier for Theodore and his bride.

He was one of the first guys i was introduced in FCC by Jonathan Tse and Eric Ling when i came to KL. it was in a mamak at ss15. Haha, i remember! Since then, we have been serving together in the FCC worship team and then we were housemates for a year plus.

This guy is always fun fun fun. Never fails to make me laugh. And he didn't give me a chance to say no to coming to his wedding and sing at his wedding. Instead of "can you come?", he said "he will come and sing".. Like no compromise!

I met his bride Jennifer when Theodore came to KL and needed a place to stay, which they hangout at my house for 1 week. 

As USA celebrates independence day, you are not having yours from today till forever. Lolz. Anyway congratulations bro! May God bless you and Jennifer!

Back to the day, after the wedding, went back to town to chillout and another round of chocs/liquor hunting. A short soundcheck for the night then back to apartment for rest.

The night dinner was wonderful and I enjoyed it. But like any wedding, you get some drunk relatives and friends even though they didn't really got carried away but clearly they already having fun in their world already. 

Anyway, it was fun all in all and I performed my own song "make me feel" live. 

Went home chill with more wine from Ah Seng's liquor shopping. At the same time, strong winds during the night. Feels like a huge storm was coming. Literally can hear the winds howling. 

SUNDAY morning.

Well, after checking out of the apartment, send Des to airport before we went church.

First time attending Sunday service at COHS Labuan. Endup being actor for Bishop John's sermon illustration and also being part of children conference promo video. What a Sunday.

Lunch then a little hangout before head to airport for 330pm flight.

All in all, my first visit to Labuan was wonderful. Really learnt how small Labuan is. Anyway, thank you friends of Labuan and everywhere else for making this trip fun. Special mention to Mr n Mrs Theodore, thanks for the arrangement and hospitality

Well, how can I leave Labuan without this?

Oh yea. 

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