Thursday, April 23, 2015

makan makan di KK (APR edition)

Just some compliation of some good food I had around KK for the past few weeks.

Shoney's. I know I always post pics from this place. Their food never fails to make me happy. Chicken Chop with 3 sides (which you can choose)

Thai food at Mai Yai, near Waterfront. Quite nice food. Love the curry and the tomyam. Their service can improved though, they look under staff

A lot of friends love to visit this place and so I decided to go and try this time around. The dessert might be expensive to some, so it's not something to have on regular basis. Nevertheless, the dessert was not bad.

More experimental and gimmick pizzas from local pizza hut. It's thin crust squarish pizza. Nothing much to complain or rave about. The taste pretty much normal.

Lucy's Kitchen's chicken chop. Their chicken was surprising huge.


Recently, had banana leaf rice with Darren and Steph Liang at Sri Latna. It's true that their normal serving is better than their briyani. Man, their mango lassi was the bomb. Really authentic.

Anyway, a bit lazy to include maps and their websites. Just google them or perhaps read some reviews on sites like TripAdvisor to get some others' opinions.

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