Sunday, April 26, 2015

age of ultron

For any Marvel fans, this is it.

After events of 1st Avengers movies that leads to a few individual adventures in phase 2, here we are at Avengers' 2nd huge outing.

Straight to the point, I am happy with this movie and truly enjoyed it.

I will try to keep this spoiler free for the sake of some. Very often I being accused of spoilers. Tsk tsk.

Obviously Age of Ultron has some huge impact on the future Marvel films but I would be very interested to see how it will impact the tv side, especially on the Agents of SHIELD series

I don't mind if you PM me to chat about it or find me chat over a cup of coffee about it, like ask questions about what are the significant of events happened in the movie to the future Marvel movies.

I am happy to see many familiar faces, the "Easter eggs", references and facts in the movie.. haha.. any Marvel fans could spot them! :)

I know there's discussion on comparing both Avengers outing. Personally, it's tough to compare but I feel it's unfair to put both together. First off, they are not direct sequel to each other, technically if you say. 

Few things I am a bit disappointed was how they rushed some details, leaving probably more critical fans questioning those scenes and details.

AoU is quite dark and gritty feel compared to the first but I reckon it's important to set the tone for the next phase of MCU. There were some fun moments, making it enjoyable and wonderful comic book movie. 

All in all, excited to see more of Marvel Cinematic Universe in coming years..  

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