Saturday, March 21, 2015

march pt 3

Pretty tight lately in terms of work.

So far I am alright.

Few little things in life reminds me of God's faithfulness. Sometimes also, there are stresses as well, when you try to look into the future.

It's amazing that in the space of 6 months I received 2 invitations to be in a music search competition at KL. After a lot of praying and consideration, I decided to let both go on separate occasion. A lot of factors and circumstances considered which includes that the timing is not right. Sometimes it's hard to make decision when such opportunities comes and afraid of regrets but I thank God I have a lot of people that give wise thoughts. I am sorry I can't do anything about it right now although I really really love to do it but sometimes if it is meant to be, it will come. 

Only God can close and open doors in life.. yea.. moving on.. but sometimes this reminds me how my music have been travelling already...

I just need prayer on this. Sometimes I am fine with letting go chances but sometimes I easily envy others who have the chance to take it instead of me. 

Time and time again, a lot of people ask me about whether I will release another album. I appreciate the support and care but in reality, it's a very tiring and gruelling process to do a good album. Until I have the financial and stability, I would consider. Time being, I do what I can but really, I really thank you all for your support.

Friday was busy helping out at Youth Alpha camp, an one-day camp. Fun, fellowship and food. I organized "amazing race" and glad it went well. 

Quite tired after running a lot... i wish today is my day off instead...

And there's a big match of Liverpool v MU this weekend. Expect batters....

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