Monday, February 16, 2015

prelude to CNY holidays...

After a long weekend, landed at KL around 630pm.

Flew in by Marlindo. I must say it was one enjoyable ride -- comfy seats and on-flight entertainment where I can watch movie/tv series. Not bad right.

On which, I watched Amazing Spiderman 2 yet again. Considering the news about spiderman going to MCU, I thought maybe rewatching can help me reexamine the movie.

Actually the movie wasn't so bad but the movie cramped in too many things.

There was a scene in the movie about a near-fatal plane crash and I realized Marlindo remove that scene. Good also, or else it gives me the flight of flying!

Thanks Victor and Caroline who picked me up and we went Hungry hog for dinner. Love the food here, that's why I miss coming here. They have the "porksperity burger".. didn't waste any second to order it!

Mashed potatoes = awesome!!
Imagine pork patty topped with egg and "bakkwa" (aka chinese bbq dry meat), biting them together.. man.. that's heavenly!

Can't wait to dig in!

Night is still young.. so paid a visit to Mickey's house...
Apparently a lot of my KL friends are back in their hometown, so only managed to visit one only.

Overnight at Victor's house before heading back to Ipoh.

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