Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CNY @ ipoh

Let's begin our Ipoh food journey... gee.. by the time I reach one week, I have so much to eat! O.O

Day 1
Reached Ipoh at 1.15pm.

Lunch at a place called GP near Ipoh Garden East, somewhere those new areas.
I miss having ice kacang. This was one of the good ones I had.

I know Ipoh is well-known for beautiful and hot chicks.. but not spicy... mmm...

Jokes aside, that is one menu full of spelling errors. Pan-fireb. hahaha.

Day 2

Breakfast at Hong Xing. They even have bacon dim sum! this is the deep-fried version of the one I had in USj23. lolz.

Lunch at Beacon Point, pictured all on left while the right pic is food from David's diner.

Day 3
Last minute shopping at Kinta City. after that, had lunch at Black Crayon. Thai fusion food.

Night was family dinner with Mum's family side...

The food journey continues....

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