Wednesday, February 25, 2015

makan-makan at biru-biru

Read about this shop that is situated below borneo backpackers.. It is called biru-biru.

Although not a lot to order in terms of food, they certainly have interesting menu where they blend western cuisine with local favours.

my drink : longan watermelon. the drink surprisingly captured me.

My order : fish tacos with some local touch. I actually loved it! brilliant touch of both western and local meal.

Coconut cream pasta. Certainly unique especially the taste.

The highlight for me is their waffles, one of the best i had -- coconut ice cream on the waffles with gula malacca. Seriously, an awesome combination.

Overall, i enjoyed my meal very much. Although it's pricey, considering it's at where the tourists are. But it was a satisfying experience

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