Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY @ ipoh pt 2

Most of my other days were home cooked food... well.. it's CNY...

Saturday evening, I finally get to try Burgercamp. I been following them on Instagram and been looking through their burger. Thought this time around, I should try.

Well, I give 6/10. It is not a bad food, but not the best either. Just average. But I don't mind trying their other burgers though.

Burger is average size, probably some would like that size. Big burger eaters like me won't be pleased. haha.

This morning,  had something different but old skol. Keng nam coffee shop.

There's quite a crowd here when I was eating. Quite a good breakfast anyway.

A late lunch at Something's Brewing. That place boasted "the fastest wifi in town". Well, they kid not. Really fast.

Chic-ka-fila. I actually loved it. Chicken on top of mashed potatoes with cheese toppings. Heavenly isn't it?

Food is nice but pricey. Given choice, won't be my first choice to go again.

So that's all for my food adventure at Ipoh this time around. I reckon now some of colleagues can stop going on my fb and say they are hungry thanks to the food picture. Hah.

Anyway, it's gonna be a long gruelling journey from Ipoh to KK. Hope all will turnout well.

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