Friday, February 6, 2015

1st week of feb thoughts

I think the highlight of this week is that I decided to go short for my hair. Not botak/bald type. But short. mm. SHORT.

Weather have been hot recently, I thought why not try. I kinda want to try it because it's been quite a long period that I haven't done anything 'fun' with my hair.

Responses have been mixed. Perhaps a lot haven't seen me in like this. I admit I do look like a good boy now.. or someone just came out from military camp. hahaha.

Well.. wait till my hair grows back lor.. I do realized sometimes my hair grows fast..

Other than that, been trying to catchup on my assignments. So far so good.


MU news :-
Glad that they progress to the next round of FA cup. Probably FA cup presents a good chance for MU to have some glory this season. I am pretty happy with the performance although some fans may argue it's just some lower team but in sports, a win is a win, no matter against who.


Lawrence recommended this simple pizza joint at Gaya Street, situated among some pubs and Sugarbun. Not bad, quite a big slice.

Went there after worship practice with a few worship team members.

Till... the next TL update...

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