Thursday, November 27, 2014

Penguins goes marching on on on

One of the well-known characters of the Madagascar movie gets their own spin-off...

Yupz. the penguins.

First off, I am kinda surprise they hopped into silver screen because they did have a few mini spin-off movies that was only shown in Nickelodeon channel. Yes, and I watched it. Recently, I got into the debate with my friend because he was confused about the Penguins' own outing.

Nevertheless, this movie itself was fun and full of funny puns. At some point, i wonder if this puns is for kids to enjoy. Only adults can get the puns.

Puns and fun aside, nothing much to shout about, well, considering it's cartoon movie...

Recommend for laughs and no-brainer jokes.

7/10 on my rantings.

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