Wednesday, November 26, 2014

beyond the stage

Something to share for you to think about. Something I hope we can see from another angle.

Very often the misconception about worship ministry is that it is a "glamorous" ministry.. or sometimes people misunderstand us as being a bunch of show-offs brats.

It's good that sometimes we need to look to the mirror and see whether what we been doing is glorifying God or not but let me throw some thoughts that you need the consider...

Many years I am involved in this ministry and I don't think it's "glamorous" as some think. In fact, there's so much hard work in this ministry. 

Although a lot of people say this ministry is like a "forefront" ministry because the team is on-stage, in public view, many forget that the hard work is actually happening behind the scene.

1) Worship teams go through practices.
We don't just picked up instruments and play music. Talents doesn't jus come overnight. Musicians, singers, people involved spend minutes and hours to make sure the songs and music able to bring people into presence of God. In short, giving their best to the Lord.

2) Worship teams sacrifices

We sacrifices our time, energy, money on practices, travelling, buying own instruments.

Not just that, there's also HEART work involved -- that personal relationship with God is very important which comes with the desire and humbleness to serve Him. 

What I want to say today is, if you see anyone in the worship team this weekend, thank them for their hard work, encourage them and give them constructive comments. They don't seek self glory. They seek God's glory.

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