Tuesday, October 7, 2014

october rain

It's been an experience for me here to exprience the east coast rain. it feels like as though the rain never stopped. it keeps raining. just when you thought it stops, guess what. it rains.

I admit this morning it was one of the best sleeps I have in days, if not months. Yes, all thanks to the cool weather. I can only imagine how cold it is if I were in Kokol or in the hillside.

Since my last posts here, things been interesting...

My first big emcee gig at All Saints' Music Academy concert. In short, all turned out well and the night was awesome. Watching young musicians giving their best made the night wonderful.

the worshipcentral team was here at KK. The team was led by Luke Hellebronth, one of the key worship leaders in worshipcentral UK and it was an honour to sit down and chat with him. Foundout he is a MU fan as well! All this is possible thanks to Ps Alvin and surprisingly met Joe Loy and Jia Lerd. All in all, glad to make acquittance with the worshipcentral folks.

The workshop btw was excellent and refreshing. I learnt a lot from it, hoping to implement and localized it for the worship team here.

Yesterday celebrated Phoebe's birthday with a few folks and glad to know MU won their match against Everton. You can say the past few days have been fruitful and fun.

Anyway, it's been close to a year since I last said yes to the late Bishop Vun about coming over to KK to work. Life have been challenging and surprisingly I been coping very well. Partly I am learning to trust in God for His blessings. Still learning and believe there's more to come from Him.

Anyway... judging by the dark skies....looks like it's gonna rain again...

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