Monday, October 13, 2014

go gaim!

Kamen Rider Gaim just finished its run 2 weeks ago.

And I thought this is one of the enjoyable Kamen Rider series. Much better than the last few.

I must admit at first I am a bit sceptical of the series. A bunch of dancers messing with fruity "lock seeds". Mmm. Turns out there's much a bigger story than that.

Turns out into a dark storyline which involves a lot of plot twist and deaths. Yup, very rare you see characters being killed off.

This series indeed is unique in some ways. One of it I realized that it has a lot of crossovers :- from TQyers, movie crossovers, taisen crossovers.

And quite a number of riders, which i am not complaining. Love it!

Love the theme song. My favourite theme song since Kamen Rider Decade.

Overall, i truly enjoyed this KR season. I give a 8/10.

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