Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fav Marvel character

Everyone knows I am a big fan of Marvel comics...

I love comics.. movies.. cartoon series.. games...

But recently I asked myself this question that most probably anyone would ask me.. what is my favourite Marvel Character?

Not any of the Avengers (of Marvel Cinematic Universe) even though I have plenty of Captain America souvenirs.

Iron Man is cool but I think having 40 over suits is a bit overplayed. So imagine the money Marvel made from us because they can capitalized the fact that Tony Stark has many Iron Man suits. That's why I am not keen of collecting Iron Man figures. I don't mind people giving me (already one gave me a Lego version of Iron Man) but nah, i don't think i would spend my money collecting his suits.

I love X-Men, Avengers and Fantastic Four.. but as collectively. And yes, the members always change.

So.. back to the question... who is my favourite... after some soul-searching.. I realized is...


It's the web-slinging, wall-crawling, friendly-neighbourhood Spiderman.

I love his cartoons, comics and movies. I thought Andrew Garfield did well as Peter Parker/Spidey, just that his second outing suffer from overcrowded storylines. But generally in movie term, my favourite was Sam Reimi's 2nd Spiderman movie featuring Doc Ock. That movie moved my heart especially seeing how Parker trying to balance his life as a student, superhero, a boy.

Cartoon-wise, I am enjoying the latest Spidey cartoon, Ultimate-Spiderman. When I was little, I loved the Spiderman series and a bit throwback, Spiderman and his Amazing friends.

What I like about Spiderman is he is somehow like us. A geeky boy trying to survive in this world, balancing between relationships with friends and family, plus balancing life of studying and working but at the same time living sacrificially to save this world.

That's why sometimes I can relate to him, I can be at his shoes. That's why I like Spiderman.

Of course, being comic characters, there's plenty of version of him. Let's not go into that. It will take me days to explain it all. But the basis of Spiderman -- well, that's what I am talking about now

So. There you go, my favourite Marvel character is Spiderman.

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