Friday, September 26, 2014


Since it's September... enjoy this cover by my friend Jude Limus

Anyway, if you realized, not much life updates here which means been busy.. although at first I thought I wouldn't be so compare last month. Then again, life can be unpredictable.

Not helping, the internet line in Malaysia largely affected by some submarine internet cable damage so line been slow.. and tends to break every now and then.. so it can be annoying for internet junkie like me.

Every now and then, I appreciate my internet surfing life in KL.. but then.. i won't want to complain since I am here now...

So what has been happening? There was a children camp I was helping out last week (during school holidays) then trying to kickstart my assignment which deadline is at the end of October and November.

Hanging out with people as well. MU also trying to kick start the LVG era. And I just attended another wedding, seriously this year is full of weddings.

All in all, September is quite alright.

Thanking God everyday for His blessings.. little or big. There are times when I wondering about questions in life, God showed His faithfulness.

Everyday I believe the best is yet to come.. i do believe...

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