Friday, August 29, 2014

students' convention

Past few days I was involved in this students' convention that is under SOTA (school of tomorrow Asia). 

SOTA uses ACE (Accelerated Christian education) in their school syllabus and here in Malaysia there are a few who uses that syllabus like All Saints' Anglican Academy and Faith Anglican Academy.

My role is being the sponsor which actually being a supervisor to a group of students. I am not sure why they called it "sponsor". Anyway, the group I took care were a bunch of 9-10 year olds.

They can be a handful but funny at the same time. Well, parenting lessons here?

Especially on Wednesday, it was heavy rain throughout the day and it was flooded on some parts of the Diocese area. Having kids here during time like that can be challenging especially some are running here and there.

Apart from that, I am amazed at some talents they showcase here during the rally meetings (singing, playing the instruments).. they can only learn and get better! 

Another thing that really caught my attention was the response of the kids especially the young ones after the sermon. They just step forward in response without any moment of hesitation. 

All in all, it was wonderful to spend some time with people of all ages. Wonderful experience helping out at the Student convention.

now trying to unwind before next agenda happening next week : synod.

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