Saturday, August 23, 2014

of internet, institute and interest

One of the reasons that make me miss west Malaysia life is the internet. it can be frustrating over here. Each time it's down, it's hard and inconvenient for me. Using my 3G is my last resort each time.

it's not that i am obsess with internet. the thing about modern world is that internet has become the mean of communicating.

Story of my life.

Another story is that I am relief that I am done my term 3 of Anglican Training Institute (ATI). Praise God all my results so far have been good and it seems the Institute looked at me highly to finish the course I am on via express route. Looks like I will be around for another year, because they could give me a new course to go through. 

Both Romans and Ephesians paper was good, hope for the best. 

Truth to be told, I been learning a lot from the Moore college paper so far. 

Anyway, decided to reward myself after a month of busyness and the end of term 3 of my studies -- by getting Kamen Rider RX. 

I am sure most people would recognize him more fondly as "baja hitam". Got him at a very cheap price, thanks to Nelson Lim who helped me to get it during KK toys members' sale. With such a cheap price for such iconic character and the toy quality, i couldn't let the chance slip away. It's this Kamen Rider that got me interested in this whole franchise till now. Glad to have it!

Well, next week busy with student convention and God knows why I voluteer to help out. It's sounds like crazy pack matters. Then Synod coming and I supposed to plan the worship side.

Then there you go. August marked done by then. 

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