Saturday, August 16, 2014

movie review : G.O.T.G

Like I said in previous entry, I watched 3 movies within space of 4 days. Just make up time that I was away in the jungles of Telupid. So.. here's the first one...

Guardians of the Galaxy.

Probably one of the most unique and interesting entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it is one of the best, if not the most fun movie by them so far. A nice way to cap off Phrase 2 before avengers 2 next year.

When they first announced the production, I thought it was interesting to see how they are going to bring this to silver screen. Well, never underestimate Marvel Studios eh.. overall, a brilliant yet fun effort.

it will be spoiler-free because I want to keep the fun to you to go and watch it yourself.

Pretty interesting and smart to include the retro 80s songs to the movie. That played a big role in making the movie fun.

I would say doing the sequel would be challenging considering the success they achieve so far. The responses so far have been skyrocketing for this movie.

overall, 9/10 for me.

One of the movies of 2014.

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