Friday, June 20, 2014

more songs to come

Time and time again.. God convict and remind me about song writing.

Humanly speaking, I admit I been busy and lazy. Two biggest partners in dragging my song writing a little long than usual. Sometimes I also asked myself what to do with these songs. So many questions.

Recently I watched a video of my performance during MGM 2013 and it moved me. I was reminded that by God's grace I was on that stage singing. Not by my might, but God's strength.

Usually I cringed seeing myself singing and hearing myself. But that video moved me.

And I realized every song I wrote, is never about me. It's about God.

That's why those songs on that video written by me spoke to me and broke my heart. It feels God spoke to that person (which is me) to remind me that He is still in the game of watching over me.

I am not saying this to "sell" my albums, but I learn these songs are from Him and I should trust Him to see how these songs will go.

So.. back to song writing.... time to get serious about it.. somehow...

With that, oh yea, wanted to announce that in September, planning to release 2 special tracks that I recorded in KL. These songs will mark the 5th anniversary of my 1st album release, at the same time, to thank you guys for your never-ending support to my solo project. I said it many many times, that doing this has never been easy. I feel like giving up but by the grace of God, I am still doing so. Hope these songs will be a blessing to you all and can't wait to let you guys hear it.

Alright. Hope to share more later

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